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"Good job! You guys exceeded my expectations. I booked 3 weeks ago for a move and I’m satisfied with the work you did. Your movers were pretty cool and they worked hard helping me move my things. They were on time and very attentive to my requests. When I booked, the phone line wasn’t bad as what I’ve read of one bad review. The lady on the phone helped me a lot as well as the movers your company sent me. These movers were pretty cool. There is a growing competition in the field of moving and I’m sure you are the ones leading in our community. You have the movers with strong and flexible skills yet fast working! We were able to finish the move in just two hours and it was easy and organized. Thank you for such wonderful experience. The price given to me was satisfactory but what is the best is your move! It’s worth it!"

---- Caleb, London

"The move last week was great. The hourly rate is fair enough but the movers are amazing. They move my things without any talks and as they arrived in my house, they worked and worked immediately. I’ve never seen such dedicated movers like them since I’ve made my last move 2 months ago. The movers were skilful in taking extra care of my stuffs. My things really were important to me and even a tiny scratch would mean a big decrease to its quality. I’m glad that all my things were still in perfect condition after the move was done. I’m glad that you guys met my expectations and I was satisfied with your company."

--- Alice, London

"Good service! Very pleasant ambience when the movers were around. They were helpful and very careful about the move. My things were safe when they arrive at my house. It was a good move and I appreciate the efforts you’ve spent. I was pleased that everything arrived in perfect condition, my things and other heavy stuff weren’t scratched at all. It’s a good decision to trust my things to your movers. Your company made me believes that you are a good company and I was relieved by the time your movers arrived with my things. It was an easy transaction, hassle-free, and your services provided were excellent!"

--- Khalil, London

"I am pleased with your service. For the price you guys gave me, your services and manpower was pretty amazing. I didn’t expect that I would get such VIP treatment from your crew of movers as they move my things! The movers arrived on time, work hard and were professionals in dealing with the move and communicating with me. All the details were given to me, the rates were good and the quotation given to me was accurate. They were so helpful and polite. There were no damages made so I’m satisfied with your services. I would rate your service 9 from the scale of 1-10 and 10 is the highest! You’re the best!"

--- Gabe, London

"This entire moving process was easy as 1,2,3! im really happy with this moving company. they came here on time and they were able to get everything done in a short period of time. overall, this is the best choice for a moving company. i recommend this to everyone !!!"

--- Fan Yang, London

"This was my first time hiring London Movers. My friend suggested I use their service since she had before and was more than satisfied. I am glad to say that I was as well! The company was very professional and extremely careful with my belongings. If I ever have to move again or know anyone that will, I will highly recommend this service! Great job guys!"

--- Jennica Alhda, London

"I loved moving with London Movers. The move was very quick and easy, they did not waste any time. They made moving simple and something to not get stressed over, compared to my previous moves. I recommend London Movers to anyone that needs to get moved."

--- Zane F, London

"I would like to thank London Movers for an amazing, stress-free move. The move was from an appartment to a new house. Despite the bad weather conditions(it was snowing all day) my house stayed clean and no damage was found. The movers were very polite and cheerfull. They made my move fast, easy and very accurate. The bill was lower than quoted. Definitely will hire them again in the future. Laura"

--- Laura Agudelo, London