Industrial Moving

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Industrial moving can propose unique challenges not seen in ordinary residential moving or office moving. Larger equipment and bulky goods can be difficult to move and transport, and may even require freight services. This makes industrial moving much more complicated, and is usually not what anyone wants to deal with when juggling all the other components involved in an industrial-scale move. Industrial moving usually involves moving many employees as well, which makes planning and scheduling any industrial relocation a hassle.

Most moving companies, especially ones that are just starting out, only have experience as home movers. They are not equipped and do not have the experience to carry out these larger moving projects. As commercial movers, though, London Movers has the equipment and the knowledge necessary to make industrial moving look easy.

We will disassemble, pack, load, deliver, and store your equipment as you see fit. We will unload your materials, unpack them, reassemble, and clean up everything afterward, all at your convenience. We will make sure that your equipment is delivered and set up in the rooms that they are meant for, and we will only pack, load, and/or unpack what you want us to. We do all of this on a set schedule that works for you, and we will work with you to make sure everything is moved according to your wishes. All of this is done at a competitive price that will save you precious time, money, and worry.

We are proud of our commercial movers and of our service. As a matter of course, we offer free insurance if something breaks while in our care. Not only that, but if we fail to deliver the goods on time, you won’t pay a cent for the untimely delivery!

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