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Relocation is never easy, but long distance moving can be even more stressful than local moving. By “long distance moving,” we mean a relocation over 600 km away from your designated pickup area. Long distance moving takes far longer than a local London move, and the extended trip and extra considerations can sap away any energy you have for meeting your new home, office, or industrial complex. Even over these longer relocation distances, our London moving company will work with you and your specific needs to give you the best value for your long distance moving project.

Though we work in London, Ontario, our services are not limited to the range of London city. As an agent of Metropolitan Movers, our long distance movers can help you move any distance across Canada. Here’s how it works:

As always, we will disassemble, pack, and load your things for you according to your preferences. As far as delivery, we offer two choices for long distance moving.

Our London-based crew can load everything onto one of our moving company’s trucks, then deliver and unload, unpack, and reassemble everything at your place of relocation. Since the same London crew that loaded your packages is also riding with them and unloading them, your packages are far more secure. However, we must also pay for their room and board during the trip, which results in a higher service fee.

Our other option is to load everything from your London pickup place onto a trailer driven by one of our partner companies. The trusted driver would then carry your packages to the chosen destination. The packages are then unloaded by a different moving crew working near your relocation site. This moving crew will either be local agents of Metropolitan Movers, or of another trusted partner moving company. Your packages will be unloaded, unpacked, reassembled, and cleaned up as you see fit, and just like that you will have moved all your belongings or equipment with minimal effort and maximum savings.

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