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Moving your belongings or equipment can often become an unwieldy project. You may need to be out of your building by a certain date, for instance, and timing deliveries, deciding how to arrange everything at the new building, and downsizing, are all pressures that makes the moving process more stressful than necessary. To help with this, London Movers offer both moving and storage as part of our relocation services. We have our own London storage facilities, and have also partnered with other third party storage locations to ensure both your moving and storage needs are met. Our own London storage spaces are dry and secure, so you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are preserved both from London’s weather and from any ne’er-do-wells. The temperature of our London storage facilities is also controlled to ensure that the belongings stored here will remain in their best condition while they stay.

While we offer both moving and storage services, our own London storage is used for temporary storage only. If you choose to store your belongings in our London storage facilities, then, we will store and deliver all of your belongings here as one unit. You will not be able to retrieve any items from our London storage until we deliver everything that you have stored with us to your chosen destination. We are aware that this can be inconvenient, and so have partnered with trusted third parties that also offer secure storage, along with the resources to offer greater flexibility in this regard.

If you opt for third party storage, we will deliver your goods to their own London storage facilities instead. You can then visit their storage facilities at any time and retrieve your belongings as you wish.

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