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Moving to a new house is often stressful and even frustrating. London Movers has a wealth of experience, helping thousands of families move to their new homes in a way that is more secure, stream-lined, relaxing, and affordable. We would be honored to help you as well. Our residential moving service works like so:

On asking for a free quote, we determine what your needs are and what you are comfortable in having us help with. If you choose us, we will go to the pickup location that you designate, usually your London home. As part of our residential moving services, we can pack anything and everything you would like delivered to your new home. This can be the entire house if you’d like. No item is too big, too heavy, or too fragile.

If you would rather pack your stuff yourself, we understand. We will only pack and will only load what you designate for us. Our top priority is to make your home moving experience with us as stress free as possible, so that you are free to enjoy and adapt to your new home. For more information on our home moving packing service in London, please visit our packing service page.

After everything is packed, either by you or us, we then move onto the next steps in the home moving process. We will load everything onto our London moving company’s truck and deliver everything to your new home or, if you prefer, to storage. We will then unload, unpack, and even reassemble your stuff for you. We’ll then clean up and dispose of all the packing materials.

The whole residential moving process is highly customizable, so that the home moving experience is worry free, hassle free, and a great value overall. Call for a free quote today!

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